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LED LIGHT                      

Tri Color - Anchor - Deck Light        


Tri Color, Tricolor, Tri Colour, Anchor, Led Light, Deck Light


Based on LED technology, developed and manufactured by SCIALEDS in Argentina and oriented to the world of sailing products.

Intense and well defined colors, no discoloration, long service life and low power.

Within the line of navigation lights, have developed products 2 and 3 nautical mile range, respecting guidelines required by IMO rules and  IP67.

All light fixtures from 9 Volts with a maximum of 14,5 working volts. Its rated voltage is 12 Volts.

Lights 3 mile  have a circuit that regulates the light intensity and protects LED surge voltage up to 20 Volts.

The combined Tri-color Lights & Anchor work to model possible under two feeding systems: The conventional three-wire and two-wire option and polarity reversal. Are provided with a switch to install that allows the change of polarity.



 In SCIALEDS the future is now       

 Distribución International




Made in Argentina

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